Customs searching data storage?

The NZ Herald reports that a man’s appeal against a conviction for bringing in objectionable movies showing bestiality has been granted.

What interested me wasn’t the decision (which didn’t seem unreasonable) but the following:

After the computer was turned off, he thought nothing more about the movies until he was stopped at Auckland airport. … On the external hard drive of his computer a Customs officer found movie files depicting males and females having sex with dogs and horses.

I infer from this that NZ Customs are choosing to look at the contents of flash drives, external hard drives and laptops when they wish to.

I wonder if they look for pirated mainstream movies as well as the legally objectionable ones.

1 Response to “Customs searching data storage?”

  1. 1Dave2 on Jul 19, 2009 at 4:53 pm:

    Under the ACTA, border officials will be checking all digital storage for pirate media, not just illegal content.

    That would be the same ACTA being negotiated in secret by our current government.