Life Update

Life in Whangamata is going well. We’re enjoying ourselves, living healthily, and getting some useful work done on our projects. It’s been great to have a few people to stay (my father and his wife, and everyone who came up/down to celebrate the Queen’s birthday) and Kim’s parents will be the next visitors. However, this can’t go on forever and we’re starting to do more planning for the next phase of our lives.

Stage 1 from August onwards is getting some IT contracts to bring in some money. I’ll concentrate mainly on the fields of system administration and technical writing as short term contracts are often available. If there’s any gaps between contracts we might do some part-time work in exchange for board through Help Exchange.

So far I’m already booked to spend September in Wellington working as a relieving Windows sysadmin/troubleshooter. We’ll be in Wellington for Kim’s birthday!

Stage 2 is going to more of the settling down stage. We’re both keen on getting a house + dog and it looks as though moving to Dunedin might be a good option for that. It also has a university for further study and would allow us to explore the South Island. We’re still not sure on this one yet and it will require more thought.

Oh, and I’m thinking of buying a people-mover style van (Toyota Previa/Estima style). Anyone got one for sale?