Market Calibration update 2021

In 2009 I posted an article about how much I was prepared to pay for books, music, movies, etc. 12 years later it must be well past time for an update. There’s been some big changes, in particular how my music/watching has all moved to subscription services and all my fiction reading is digital.

Currently I’m prepared to spend (all NZ dollars):

  • Nothing for an ‘album’ worth of music. It’s either included with my Spotify subscription or I’m ignoring it in favour of something that is.
  • Nothing on a fiction paper book as all my reading is electronic now. I have asked for and received a couple of lovely coffee table books as presents.
  • Up to $10 on an electronic book even if it’s encumbered and locked to my reading device.
  • Up to $40/year for access to a good website or online service (e.g. MyFitnessPal, Scrabble, LastPass).
  • Up to $10 for a phone app or up to $5 if it’s pretty trivial.
  • Up to $15 to see a movie in a cinema but I don’t bother anymore.
  • I guess up to $5 to watch a movie online (but I haven’t really bothered, it’s easier to watch Netflix).
  • I guess up to $2 for a downloaded TV episode (but really it’s Netflix/TVNZ On Demand or nothing).
  • New entry: I don’t really buy video games any more as I get more than enough from my $20/month Gamepass subscription.