Living in the Future

I had some web development work to do for one of our old website clients. They want some changes and a few new features added – nothing major and it should take just a couple of days. However, our current living quarters are really not well suited to working (no desk, no comfy chair, unstable internet). The obvious answer was to go out.

So, there I was sitting at Katipo Cafe working away. I had my pot of tea, my laptop, and the Vodem for internet. I was busily editing, uploading, chatting, reading, testing, researching, emailing – and it all felt very normal. When I did this two years ago I felt “hip and cool” in a geeky kind of a way, but now it just seemed routine. It doesn’t help that laptops are pretty damn common these days or that mine isn’t particularly ‘cool’!

Note: the Vodem worked much better in the Wellington Central Public Library and at Katipo Cafe than it does in our flat in Mt Cook.