Digital Photos

I just transferred a batch of photos from the camera. It appears we’ve taken 352 photos since June and of those, 154 of them are of food. This is the consequence of living with a food blogger. The foods include:

  1. Spirulina potato wedges and sour cream
  2. Leek and potato pizza
  3. Roast vegetable pasta bake
  4. Apple and plum sponge pudding, served with icecream
  5. Tim-tam chocolate biscuits with the corners carefully nibbled off
  6. White bean and herb salad
  7. A red chilli
  8. Fruit salad with kiwifruit, apple, banana, pear and mandarin, served with yoghurt
  9. Eggs scrambled with spring onions on toasted ciabatta
  10. Hash stack with roasted capsicum, mushroom and onion, sauced with aioli, and avocado on the side
  11. Seared scallops on fettucine with aioli
  12. Fried haloumi
  13. Wellington Trawling’s fish and chips
  14. Potato, tomato and chickpea moroccan cassoulet
  15. Lemon, honey and ginger drink
  16. Curly potato fries from The Takahe in Takanini
  17. Tofu Combustion burger from Burger Fuel
  18. Crusty bread, feta, roasted capsicum, spicy olives, and hummus on a board at the beach
  19. Zucchini, onion and feta pizza
  20. Black seedless grapes

I think I’d have to choose number 10 as the best even if it doen’t look as spectacular as it tasted.