Market Calibration

Currently I’m prepared to spend (all NZ dollars):

  • about $5-15 for an ‘album’ worth of music. But only if it’s high-quality and unencumbered digital files. I don’t want your bits of plastic or your DRM.
  • up to $25 on a physical book. But I use the library more.
  • up to $10 on an electronic book, even if it’s encumbered and locked to my reading device. I’d consider paying more for an unencumbered one.
  • up to about $40/year for access to a good website or online service (e.g. or
  • up to $10 for an iPhone app, or up to $5 if it’s pretty trivial.
  • $15 to see a movie or $17.50 if it’s in 3D. (Although I normally go on cheap Tuesday.)
  • $10 to rent a movie on DVD or online.
  • $1-2 for a downloaded TV episode.

Naturally it’s all subject to change. I used to pay $30 for a music CD!