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Tame Food

I went down to the “Farmer’s Market” at Waitangi Park on Sunday. I use the quotes because I don’t believe that our local farmers are growing bananas and pineapples. There was lots of produce available and the prices looked ok but I think I’d prefer a real farmer’s market rather than just a collection of open-air itinerant fruit stands. Commonsense Organics a block away seems to do a better job of supplying local produce and labeling where it came from.

What was more interesting was the fishing boats tied up at the wharf. There were two of them, offering bluenose, blue cod, some shark, and a variety of other fish from Cook Strait. You could buy the fish whole or gutted, and even pay $3 extra to have them filleted for you. Remembering my own efforts at filleting fish from family holidays in the Marlborough Sounds I recommend paying the extra. The blue cod had sold out by 10am so it might be worth getting down there early.