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Change of Address

I’ve moved my writing about internet freedom to a new group blog, Tech Liberty.

Tech Liberty

From the website:

We’re concerned about the erosion of people’s civil liberties in the digital world. Some people seem to think we give up our rights as soon as we do something on the Internet rather than on paper. We don’t agree.
Tech Liberty is dedicated to protecting people’s rights in the areas of the Internet and technology. We make submissions on public policy, help to educate people about their rights, and defend those whose rights are being infringed.

I’ll also be moving some of the resources (such as the Internet Filtering FAQs) over to the Tech Liberty site.

Future for thomasbeagle.net

This means that this blog will go back to what it was before I started concentrating so much on Internet filtering – a place I post random stuff that doesn’t really go anywhere else. Rate of posting is highly variable.

This post is sticky so anything new will be beneath it.