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Change of Address

I’ve moved my writing about internet freedom to a new group blog, Tech Liberty.

Tech Liberty

From the website:

We’re concerned about the erosion of people’s civil liberties in the digital world. Some people seem to think we give up our rights as soon as we do something on the Internet rather than on paper. We don’t agree.
Tech Liberty is dedicated to protecting people’s rights in the areas of the Internet and technology. We make submissions on public policy, help to educate people about their rights, and defend those whose rights are being infringed.

I’ll also be moving some of the resources (such as the Internet Filtering FAQs) over to the Tech Liberty site.

Future for

This means that this blog will go back to what it was before I started concentrating so much on Internet filtering – a place I post random stuff that doesn’t really go anywhere else. Rate of posting is highly variable.

This post is sticky so anything new will be beneath it.

A Status Update

Well, my blog has well and truly been taken over by Internet filtering. Things have been a bit quiet recently, so here’s an update:

  • I’m still waiting for the Ombudsman’s report on whether I can have access to the list of filtered sites.
  • I haven’t heard from Archives about the DIA deleting their records.
  • I have been persuaded to spell Internet with a capital I even though I prefer to be a little more avant garde.
  • I’m part of the Internet NZ working group developing policy on Internet filtering.
  • I’m working on collecting more information (still no response from the Maori or Act parties, waiting to hear from ISPs, have more questions to send to the DIA and the Censor).

So, what’s next? I’m thinking a lot about how to continue the campaign against Internet filtering, while also considering some of the larger issues that this raises about protecting the civil liberties of Internet users. Email me if you’ve got any ideas or what to help.

Website Update

It looks like this site is going to be taken over by the topic of internet filtering for a little while. The normal (if infrequent) programming may or may not return at any time. Here’s a bit of an update on what’s happening.

Internet Filtering FAQs

Articles and Links

Collecting Information

I am endeavouring to collect more information around this issue. This includes asking political parties for their policy, talking to ISPs, writing to the Chief Censor, etc, etc. I will post news as the responses come in.

News Feed

I have created the @nzcensor Twitter feed for posting links to articles of interest. It will include new articles as well as any interesting older articles that I find. You can get it at:

Send me an email at if you wish to suggest a link.

Next Steps

I believe the next step is to start a campaign against the planned internet filtering scheme. This will mean developing a policy followed by deciding on and implementing a strategy. Feel free to volunteer!

Plans Update

Kim and I are planning to move to Auckland for the summer. While I’ve visited Auckland many times for work and visiting friends I’ve never actually live there, so it will be interesting to see how that goes. Any leads for the following would be appreciated:

A good place to stay for 2-4 months with possible extension. We’ve been looking at corporatey style apartments but they’re a bit expensive (typically $600-700/week) so I’d like to find a better option. House sitting would be particularly cool but we’re flexible and willing to consider lots of things.

A job for me. Jobs I do include technical writing, IT management (that’s pretty general, I know), website implementation, and Windows system support. You can get my resume here.

A job for Kim. She’s into website development (mainly PHP) and has lots of experience with implementing and migrating to content management systems.

What Kim Ate

Kim has finally launched her new food blog, What Kim Ate. It’s all about food and will have recipes and photos and other such things. Best of all, it’s New Zealand focused and will therefore have winter foods when it’s winter in the southern hemisphere (I’m sick of reading about the people in the northern hemisphere who are currently enjoying fresh asparagus).

I’ll be doing the occasional guest post as Kim isn’t the only blogging cook in our household.

Curriculum Vitae/Resumé

I’ve prepared a rather general one-page resumé for anyone who wants to look at it. It’s available in Word or PDF format from the Work page on this site.

 A more specific and detailed version is available on request.


…to Thomas Beagle version 3.0 (or 4.0, or something).

I’ve created this site to:

  • Showcase my art projects and photography.
  • Publish my occasional writings.
  • Give you some idea about who I am.

More content will be added as I get to it!